Betsy: Hello

Rush: Is this Betsy?

Betsy: Yes

Rush: Betsy, hi, this is Rush Limbaugh and I have my wife Kathryn on the phone with me.

Kathryn: Hello!

Rush: How are you Betsy?

Betsy: Hi, I am fine, thank you! How are you?

Rush: I am real good! We are calling to tell you that you are one of the winners in the Two If By Tea grand prize sweepstakes! You are coming to South Florida to watch a day of the radio program and spend it with us and some other things. We are so glad you picked up the phone! We are glad we have a winner from Oregon. You are one of the first ones that we've had from Oregon! It's great, and we are happy to be able to talk to you personally about it.
Betsy: Oh, that is wonderful. How cool! I just love you! I've been listening to you today.


Rush: Well, are you married?

Betsy: I am

Rush: And is you husband one of us? Would he want to come?

Betsy: Yes he would!

Rush: Well, then the both of you are going to be coming. It's a great trip. You'll have a great time here in South Florida! It's a much different place than Oregon and the big fun is the day at the radio show. We'll sit you right there in the studio Betsy. Right behind the Golden EIB microphone. Get your picture taken and everything so you can prove to people you were actually there.

Betsy: I've never been to Florida.

Rush: Oh really?!

Betsy: Ya Rush: Oh well that's cool! Have you won anything like this before?

Betsy: No! Not at all! I don't think I've ever won anything worth more than 100 dollars.

Rush: Oh, wow, this is great then! This is going to have a bunch of firsts for you.

Kathryn: What is your husband's name?

Betsy: Theron, and when I met him we lived down near Sacramento at the time in 1989. And he was already listening and I started listening so we've been listening to Rush for a long long time.

Rush: Well, that is perfect. That is even better! Because this is a fun thing for us to do to and you know because you entered you help us support the Marine Core Law Enforcement Foundation, which is really a wonderful thing to. So Betsy it is great that you picked up the phone! It is great for us to be able to talk to you and tell you personally that you won. And we really really looking forward to having you in Florida and spending a day with us.

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