The Bear Mill is a wholesome family-owned American business whose biggest inspiration is seeing its products bring joy to children's faces. It all started over 13 years ago from the family-run Bear Mill in Idaho, where their unique expertise in crafting the most enchanting children's experiences came to life. An innovative spirit led to the exciting development of the first train-themed teddy bear stuffing machine during a time when the competition considered a simple box good enough to fulfill a child's imagination. When children entered the Bear Mill they saw brightly colored smiling trains filling their new huggable stuffed bears and instantly fell in love! Therefore, the Bear Mill set forth to create lifetimes of memories by providing high quality stuffed animals, clothing, and accessories for children all over the world to create their perfect companion. Customers are the heart of the Bear Mill's focus on quality and boundless creativity. The Bear Mill has expanded its creative touch over the last 6 years by creating branded products that empower businesses to provide outstanding brand recognition.