When Rush and Kathryn started Two If By Tea® they sought to explore the world of small business and see for themselves what it would take to bring an American made product to market. We would love to connect with your small business to help spread the best tasting tea to all of the land! Have you always wanted to become an authorized Two If By Tea® retailer? What are you waiting for? Getting Two If By Tea® in your retail outlet is as simple as clicking a button!


When we decided to offer Two If By Tea® to small mom and pop retailers, we weren’t sure exactly what to expect. Come to find out, the same great patriots who were fans and customers already also owned convenient stores, gas stations, and markets all over America. As our list of retailers continues to grow, we thought it would be great to introduce one of the newest members of our retail family to anyone who might be in the neighborhood.

Our featured retailer this season is Jim Boyer. Jim is a huge Rush fan and supporter who has been listening, when possible, since 1991.  When Jim heard Rush talk about Two If By Tea® he just had to try it.  Jim says that he has an aversion to paying retail so he contacted Two If By Tea® and ordered a couple of pallets.  He sold it to friends, neighbors, and a few of his buddies that own businesses.  The response was incredible, everywhere Jim took Two If By Tea® they loved it.  Everybody wanted more.

According to Jim, he has a degree in marketing and sales from the school of practical experience and decided that this could be a great opportunity to use that education to create his next career.  He loves sales and marketing and loves being in business.  Jim’s third career as a teacher is winding down and he had been looking for a new opportunity.  Selling Two If By Tea® has been that opportunity for Jim Boyer.

Jim is a great retailer, and is currently spreading Two If By Tea® all over central and western Pennsylvania. Chances are, if you have bought any Two If By Tea® at a gas station or convenience store in that area, it came from the back of Jim Boyer’s trailer.