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General Questions:


Tea Questions:


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General Questions:

What is the origin of the Two If By Tea® name?

Oh yes, it's a great name, isn't it? Two If By Tea® is a modern twist on the famous line "One if by land, and two if by sea," from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem "Paul Revere's Ride." Under the Tea the People section, you will find details on company spokesperson Rush Revere, company history, and even a personal letter from Rush directly to you. Feel free to print it out, roll it up into a scroll, seal and deliver it to your friends—who will be amazed and inspired!

Where is Two If By Tea® made?

Two If By Tea® is brewed, bottled and packaged right here in the good ol' United States of America. 

What is the MC-LEF?

Two If By Tea® is a proud sponsor of the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation. The Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation provides scholarships and financial assistance to the children of Marines or Federal law enforcement personnel who were killed on duty or died under extraordinary circumstances while serving our country at home or abroad. For further information, please visit

Why is the All-American Store's telephone number not listed on the website?

We know this can be frustrating, but it is simply so we don't keep you on hold for an extended period due to volume. We promise your questions will be handled quickly through the Questions Form.

Where can I find the Rush Revere Adventure Series books?

All five of the Adventures of Rush Revere Series books are available at all major retailers nationwide, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million and others.

Will non-tea items ship together with my cases of tea?
No, tea ships via FedEx while non-tea items ship via USPS. Non- tea items may take slightly longer to arrive than the tea. 

Tea Questions:

I'm a fan of Rush. Did he personally taste the tea?

What do you think? Of course! Rush wouldn’t put his name on anything unless it exudes excellence! He loves the tea, just like he loves our country! Rush, with the help of Kathryn, personally chose these flavors after hours of blind taste testings. He personally approved every one of the tea flavors and is now an accredited Tea Tasting Specialist (Bo Snerdley had no role in tasting the tea, despite what he might say to callers being screened for the Rush Limbaugh Show).

Do you use real tea?

Yes, until the world runs out of real tea. Then we'll go to Plan B.

What ingredients are in the tea?

Please visit the Tea Facts section of the website for a full description of the nutrition facts and ingredients. The flavors are natural, simple, and very tasty.

What are "Natural Flavors and Other Natural Flavors?"

The tea's ingredients contain components from the actual fruit that is brewed into each of our Blueberry, Peach, and Raspberry teas. So you get the natural flavor of fruit in each and every bottle.

What flavors are there?

Right now there are 5 regular flavors and 3 diet varieties: Unsweet Tea, Original Sweet, Raspberry, Peach and Blueberry, as well as Diet Raspberry, Diet Peach and Diet Blueberry.

How many bottles come in an order?

A single order contains a case of two 6-packs (12 bottles total). Currently, the bottles are not sold individually. Please order as many cases as you would like!

Are any of the flavors sugar free?

Yes, the Unsweet Tea and diet varieties of the other flavors are sugar free! 

What type of artificial sweetener is in the sugar free teas?

The diet tea is made with an artificial sweetener called Sucralose, which is commonly known as Splenda.  There is no artificial sweetener,
no sugar, no calories, nor carbs in the Unsweet Tea. 

Is Two If By Tea® Gluten free?

Yes, our tea is gluten free.

What is the caffeine content of Two If By Tea®?

Our tea contains about 8mg of caffeine per 8 fl oz., or 16mg per bottle.

Do you have any decaffeinated teas?

No, we do not have any decaffeinated teas.

How much sugar is in the tea?

The sugar content for each flavor, as well as all additional nutritional information, can be found at

Is Two If By Tea® Kosher Certified?

Yes! We have Kosher Certification through the Orthodox Union (OU).

What is the shelf life of the tea?

The "Best By" date is noted on the bottle. The standard shelf life is currently 9 months. Please double check the neck of the bottle upon receipt for the exact date.


Ordering Questions:

How can I place an order?

Simply click on the Shop tab!

What form of payment does Two If By Tea® accept?

Two If By Tea® accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. All prices and payments are in U.S. dollars. Personal checks and money orders are not accepted at this time.

What is your return policy?

Unfortunately, at this time we do not accept returns and do not provide refunds. All sales of Two If By Tea® are final and your credit card will be charged at the point of purchase. If you don't like your tea, dump it in the Boston Harbor! Just kidding, of course.

My billing address is in another country, is that ok?
Please note your billing address must be in the United States for all purchases at the All-American Store.

Having trouble placing an order?

Please be sure that your Internet connection is strong. Double check that all areas on the shipping and billing sections of the checkout page are filled in correctly. The zip code of the billing address should match the billing address that your credit card company has on file. Also, please make sure you have cookies enabled on your web browser.

I received the wrong product, what can I do?

Please submit a Questions Form with your order information and a brief description for review. A Two If By Tea® representative will review your inquiry and resolve the issue within a few days.

Is it safe to use my credit card to make a purchase?

We make every effort to ensure that your ordering information, including your credit card number, is protected while you are on our site. Our Web site uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption so that your personal information cannot be read as it passes over the Internet. You can tell you are using the Secure Socket Layer encryption when a gold or blue padlock appears in the corner of your browser. SSL keeps others from seeing your personal information by scrambling it so that only your Web browser, and the server of our Web site, can decipher it. In addition, we do not retain or store any credit card information in your member account.

What happens if my credit card does not go through?

If your credit card does not process successfully, your order will not be processed and an error message will be displayed on your screen. If you like, you can try a different credit card, double check you've entered correct billing address, or submit a Questions Form for assistance.

What happens if I typed in an incorrect address or name?
No worries! Please provide the correct information using the Questions Form. We will do our best to correct the issue as soon as possible.

What is a Gateway Error Message?
Please make sure the billing information you provide is the same as the billing address that appears on your credit card statement. If the issue persists please write into us using the Questions Form.

Shipping Questions:

How soon can I expect to receive my order?

Orders for tea are estimated to arrive within 3 business days via FedEx and orders for other products are estimated to arrive within 3 to 5 business days via USPS. Please allow 1 business day for your order to be processed prior to the ship date. Also note, large orders and wholesale orders will take longer to ship due to processing and transport. Special promotional periods may result in longer shipping times. 

What does it cost to ship my order?

Tea ships via FedEx Ground to the continental United States and is free to the customer (which saves you, the customer, an average of $8.00 per case). Non-tea products include a variable shipping cost depending on the number of items per order.

Does Two If By Tea® ship to Post Office Boxes?

No, we do not ship to Post Office Boxes (P.O. Boxes).

Does Two If By Tea® ship internationally?

Two If By Tea® only ships to the continental United States. 

How can I track the status of my order?

After your order is processed, a shipment confirmation email will be sent via your email address with your tracking number that can then be tracked using the corresponding carrier's (e.g. TEA ships via FedEx, other products ship via USPS) web site. You can also go to the Track Order section and enter your order number through your member account.  *Please note, tea ships separately from other products and may arrive at a different time from other products on the same order. 

Can I ship to multiple addresses on one order?

Yes, you have the option to "Checkout With Multiple Addresses" after adding items to your shopping cart.

Why are you not shipping to Alaska and Hawaii?
Due to our current shipping arrangements we are unable to ship to Alaska and Hawaii. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Why are you not shipping tea to Maine?
Unfortunately, due to current state regulations, we are currently unable to ship tea to Maine.